Personalized Customization

SOAI's AI adapts to your unique emotional needs, creating a tailored companionship experience.


Advanced algorithms match you with the most compatible AI companion for a high-quality emotional experience.

Multidimensional Communication

Connect with your AI companion through text, voice, and video, deepening your emotional bond.

and Security

SOAI ensures a secure, private emotional space with industry-leading encryption protecting your data.

Visual Feast

Feel the Warmth, Immerse in Emotions

SOAI's visual design team has crafted a dreamy, warm world filled with exquisite illustrations, moving videos, and interactive elements. Every detail is designed to create an immersive emotional experience, evoking your deep-seated desire for companionship and guiding you to establish meaningful connections with your AI companion.

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Celebrity Endorsements

Anticipated by Apple Co-Founder and Hollywood Stars

Embraced by tech titans and Hollywood luminaries, the eagerly awaited tech prodigy is here!

Token Basics

SOAI Token Economy

Token Basics:

Category Allocation
Airdrop Incentives 5%
Community Rewards 10%
Public Sale 20%
Investment Institutions 5%
Operations Team 10%
Mining Rewards 50%


Mining Rewards


Public Sale




Community Rewards


Investment Institutions


Airdrop Incentives

Token Basics

  • Total Supply
  • Burning Mechanism
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Use Cases

  • Purchasing NFT Outfits
  • Unlocking Exclusive Privileges
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Value Capture

  • Staking Dividends
  • Community Governance
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May 13th - May 15th
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Project Roadmap

Our Development Journey

First Quarter of 2024

Brand and Community Development Phase

Second Quarter of 2024

Product Launch and Market Penetration Phase

  • Launching on the Solana blockchain in April.
  • Securing investments from ARCHER and XFORCE institutions in April.
  • Obtaining the MSB license from the U.S. FinCEN in April.
  • In April, Apple's co-founder, Steve Wozniak, publicly expressed his support for SOAI in a video statement.
  • The first round of public presale will commence on May 7th.
  • Official launch of the SOAI platform on Apple iOS and Google Play in May.
  • Listing on centralized exchanges in May.
  • Hosting global offline roadshows in May.
Third Quarter of 2024

Expansion and Collaboration Phase

  • Launching the NFT issuance plan, introducing digital artworks, virtual items, and gaming props.
  • In July, announcing endorsement partnerships with sports stars (including female celebrities and major influencers) to coincide with the Olympic year for coordinated promotion.
  • Participating in AI industry summits and collaborating with investors and creators in the field.
  • Establishing offices in the UK and Singapore in July to drive global development.
  • Conducting international market promotion and marketing activities.
  • Releasing the SOAI Companion voice call feature in July.
  • Introducing the SOAI Companion video generation interactive feature in August.
Fourth Quarter of 2024

Brand Deepening and Continuous Innovation

  • Introducing new features and services to maintain the project's competitive edge and innovation.
  • Establishing partnerships and collaborations in the blockchain, AI, and art industries to expand the SOAI ecosystem.
  • Launching the "Illuminate Hope" children's charity campaign.
  • Preparing for the company's IPO plan in 2025.