SOAI Completes $5 Million Angel Round Financing to Create a New Global AI Companion Format

SOAI is revolutionizing postmodern social interaction by leveraging its groundbreaking AI emotional communication technology. Recently, SOAI announced the completion of a $5 million angel round financing, with Archer Capital investing $3 million and XForce Capital investing $2 million. This marks a high level of recognition from the capital market for SOAI's value and potential in the global AI social field.

In the digital world, while people enjoy abundant life conveniences, feelings of loneliness and psychological stress are increasing. SOAI's core concept is to connect every soul seeking genuine emotional experiences through deep emotional understanding and precise emotional matching. This financing round comes after SOAI's "AI Companion Program" and will drive the growth of this program.


With strong capital support, SOAI is actively promoting the intelligent upgrade of the global virtual companion industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Web3+AI+AR/VR, SOAI is breaking the bottleneck of virtual socialization, constantly refreshing the ceiling of virtual companions, and helping everyone find personalized soulmates.

While "To each his own" holds true for most, at SOAI, this number has grown exponentially to 20 times. You can even have 20 "dream lovers" and freely choose the one you like the most. Always there when you need them, SOAI can give you the perfect answer about your ideal companion.

Alexander Grant, co-founder of Archer Capital, said, "Considering the fast-paced and emotionally barren modern society, the AI companion field has tremendous innovative potential and room for growth. Through innovative AI technology, we believe SOAI can help users find the best AI emotional companions and lead a new round of transformation in the virtual companion industry."

Cooper, CEO of XForce Capital, also mentioned, "SOAI's team has a unique vision, dedicated to enhancing the vitality of the existing virtual companion field and improving the social experience for newcomers. SOAI emphasizes intelligent, user-friendly interfaces and deep companionship, eliminating barriers in modern intelligent socialization and demonstrating the product's market fit through rich business forms and early traction in user expansion."


The emphasis on deep AI socialization has proven to be transformative, leading to significant growth and success for SOAI. In less than a quarter since its launch, SOAI has had over 50 million AI matches and has become a leading AI platform in the virtual companion field. As a multidimensional Web3 intelligent platform, SOAI has achieved remarkable results and extensive partnerships in the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, social mining, and NFTs.

This round of financing will accelerate SOAI's technological innovation and market expansion in the field of AI emotional communication. New plans include deepening AI emotional understanding and matching technology, optimizing user experience, and expanding the global market. In addition, SOAI will explore new business models and partnership opportunities to achieve the platform's long-term development goals.

Through continuous focus and effort, we believe that in the near future, SOAI will help billions of people worldwide find soulmates, reshape the production relations in the traditional virtual companion field based on AI, and create an ideal habitat for love and freedom in the cold urban jungle.

About SOAI

SOAI is an innovative AI platform originating from Silicon Valley, focusing on providing deep emotional companionship through highly developed AI technology, helping everyone find a unique soulmate, and empowering the global virtual companion industry to create meaningful interpersonal relationships.

About Archer Capital

Since its establishment in 2018, Archer Capital has been committed to providing global strategic consulting and investment in the blockchain industry to support the best Web3 projects and teams. Over the past few years, they have nurtured and invested in many projects. Archer Capital has offices and operations teams in the United States and Dubai.

About XForce Capital

Founded in 2021, XForce is a risk investment company registered in Singapore, supporting bold entrepreneurs in building the future through technology. The XForce Foundation focuses on creating outstanding strategic returns through investments in blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and mining.

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