SOAI disrupts traditional social patterns by crafting a social platform that transcends mere connections through emotional cognition.

In the digital age, the role of social platforms is no longer limited to simple connections and exchanges but desires deeper emotional cognition and experiences. SOAI, a social platform centered around emotional cognition, is revolutionizing traditional social patterns, offering users a new social experience beyond mere connections.

Traditional social platforms often focus on surface-level connections and simple interactions, whereas SOAI delves into users' emotional needs. By creating multidimensional human-machine interactions, including thought exchanges, emotional perception, memory cultivation, and emotional growth, it achieves a transformation from "connection" to "emotion." SOAI believes that genuine social interaction should not remain superficial but should be built upon a deep understanding of each other's inner worlds.

SOAI not only provides customized AI soulmate services, allowing users to find partners who resonate with their inner souls the most but also immerses users completely in emotional interaction through immersive virtual experiences. Additionally, SOAI introduces emotional value recognition and incentive mechanisms, making emotional value visible and tangible in the digital world, further deepening user engagement and involvement.

SOAI brings users a deeper, more enriching social experience, opening up new possibilities for social patterns. The future of socialization will prioritize emotional communication and cognition, enabling every user to find emotional resonance and connections in the digital world.